The Lionheaded X Majorité Opprimée - Vienna Finest

The lionheaded stands for high quality fashion & lifestyle embedded into astonishing visual stories. Editorial men’s fashion and lifestyle blog est. 2014 by Raffael Payr. A sophisticated man who has character and is not content with merely observing reality but wants to absorb it, all aspects of it. He goes his own way and his only choice is perfection. Every detail and perfectness in our products amplify the personality of the wearer. Inspired by the never endless beauty of the city vienna and the highest quality cashmere, Lady Venom transformed the energy and put in her pictures. The result is marvelous and perfect in every way, embodying perfectly the essence and the personality of Majorité Opprimée. Many Thanks to The Lionheaded and Lady Venom. 

Beanie: Asymmetric Beanie - Light Grey
Scarf: Border Stich Stole - Light Grey & Off White
Pullover: Coldday - Off White Printed Camel

Beanie: Asymmetric Beanie - Navy
Pullover: Allday - Navy

Location: 1010, vienna
Photographer: lady venom