Julian David X Majoritè Opprimèe

No one conquered fans and live his dream like the Ex-VoXX Club Star Julian David. Meanwhile he belongs to the most asked talents of the german hit music industry. Nobody can avoid his energy he transformed to a sound of dance, pop and electro. His only desire was always to be the best. Julian wears the unique and original designs of the Majorité Opprimée Collection. All products were made with materials of the highest quality. Highest quality cashmere and special selected leather. Every piece was designed in Vienna and handmade in Nepal. Only a few pieces per style makes this product rare and desirable. A must for Julian, the man who hates to go unnoticed. "At the end of the day is the beginning of the night"
Scarf: Full Leather Scarf - Black & Black
Pullover: Allday - Black

Location: Munich
Photographer: Sven Kolb