About Us

Majorité Opprimée is a contemporary, 
vivacious brand based in Vienna,
producing Cashmere in Nepal.
Our products are 100% handmade.
Our inspiration comes from the street still. Through observing it. Majorité Opprimée has been quite seduced by all the details that attract our attention everyday. Because every choice we make, from desiring the city where to live, to everyday decision, is a choice of style. Majorité Opprimée has a mission: to give the modern wearer all the accessories he needs to express his personality. Overflooded by mass productions and short time live products, Majorité Opprimée wants to return unique and high quality products to everyone. To the one who feeds on culture and enjoys every innovation with curiosity and keen interest. For the one who goes his own way and every detail of his accessories must amplify his personality.